Caravan in snow

In the many years we have been storing caravans we have often been asked, “What should I do to winterise my caravan?”. In this article we aim to give you our best advice on keeping your caravan in tip top condition over the winter months.

The first thing you should do is check all of the rubber seals on your caravan for cracks. If there are any cracks in the rubber it may let water in which will freeze and burst the seal completely and if this happens it will allow dampness to ruin the interior of the van.

The next thing you should do is put a hitch cover on the A frame. This might sound obvious but a large number of our customers don’t use hitch covers on their caravans which leads to water damage to the electrical sockets over the winter.

We ask all of our customers to remove all valuables from their van such as TV’s, for two reasons. Firstly, for security and secondly, because things like TV’s aren’t made for temperatures below 10 °c and could be damaged by a particularly cold snap.

We regularly see customers disconnecting and removing their leisure battery from their caravan but is it the right thing to do? Our recommendation is yes. If it is in a secure storage facility like ours where caravan alarms are not required, you should definitely remove it and store it in a cool dry place. Try to keep the battery charged too. At Lugtonridge storage we can remove the battery, charge and store it for you for an additional cost. We strongly recommend removing the batteries from your smoke alarm as frosty weather activates the alarm.

One very common misconception is that you should put your blinds down to stop people from looking inside your caravan while it’s in storage. However, doing this decreases the elasticity of the blinds, meaning that they wont go back up all the way when you open them at the end of winter. If you don’t want people taking a peak at your caravan, you should close the curtains instead.

This is a very IMPORTANT one. Before winter sets in, please, please, please make sure you drain your water system which includes your water heater. Leave all the taps open including the shower. Drain the toilet and the water filter if one is fitted, otherwise the water will expand when frozen and burst your pipes. This can be an expensive repair and is completely avoidable. However if it does happen and the caravan is stored with us, it can be repaired at Halleys Caravans.

Finally, leave the side vents uncovered so that air can circulate through the caravan, Empty and leave the fridge open.

Now on to the don’ts of winterisation

If you have a fixed bed do not leave it lifted. If you leave it open similar to your blinds, you will damage the piston that holds the bed up. If you want to let air flow under the bed take the mattress off of the bed and stand it up.

By Callum Alldridge
By Callum Alldridge

Callum has been caravaning since he was 3 years old. Over the years he has learned a lot about the caravan trade and the do’s and don’ts.