Dear valued customers,

We will have to operate caravan collection and drop off in line with current government social distancing guidelines.

Requests for collection will be by appointment only and allocated times MUST be adhered to.

Caravan and motorhome owners will be given 20 minute time slots during which time pick up must be completed.

We will guide drivers reversing to caravans and ask the driver to hitch the caravan to the car, connect and check the lights and carry out a visual inspection.

With the exception of the driver, all other occupants of the vehicle must remain inside the vehicle.

You will then be expected to leave immediately.  Procedures for returning will be explained at departure.

Loading and unloading of caravans and motorhomes will not be permitted in our car park at this time. 

If you wish, you can visit your caravan or motorhome on a day prior to departure to load items into caravans or motorhomes. Again by appointment only.  

We thank you for your patience and understanding.

George D Goldie OBE
George D Goldie OBE